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Worldwide premiere - Chiapas February 24th, 2012

700 hundred attend first screenings inaugurated by the minister of Environment

We would like to express our thanks for how well our movie was received during its premiere in Chiapas. Around 700 people applauded the documentary during its 3 showings. We regret some late-comers weren't able to squeeze into the Jaime Sabines auditorium, filled to its capacity.

We are grateful to the team of Miguel Alvarez del Toro Zoo for organizing the showings and preceding media campaign.

We are happy and honored that the minister of Environment of the Chiapas state Lourdes López Moreno inaugurated the showings and found time to enjoy two full showings of the documentary.

February 2012

We would like to correct a misinformation that has started to spread in the press. The director and author of the final form of the film is Petr Tomaides

Thank you

Touch of the Blue Crocodile production team.

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